We are a Learning and Development business. Our goal is to accelerate our client’s strategies. We design and develop learning solutions that extend out of the classroom and into the workplace.

In environments of fast paced change we aim to create learning programmes that everyone values. Ultimately, making it easier for people to do their jobs effectively. We call this skilful collaboration.

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We help develop learning solutions that deliver sustainable change

The challenge for organisations when investing in Learning is how do we get people to move beyond participation and ensure they apply their learning to improve business performance? Each year millions of pounds are invested in learning solutions, yet all too often much of what is learned is quickly forgotten as people return to the busy day-to-day activities.

We work with our clients to design, develop and deliver learning solutions. We blend face to face workshops with online resources and flexible and engaging performance support.

Our goal is to create a valued learning experience that translates into sustainable change.

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Our programmes focus on building essential collaborative working skills

Our aim is to accelerate client strategies by improving cross-functional working and decision-making.

Cross-functional working is now the norm, but can be challenging. Organisational structures have changed quickly from being centralised to lean, matrixed and virtual. Teams have to increasingly self-organise to solve problems and make decisions, but they can find this difficult.

During the business year there are many moments when poor collaborative problem solving and decision making causes tension for both the organisation and individuals. For example during strategic planning, customer planning, or cross functional business initiatives such as change programmes and IT and process changes.

We help by building learning programmes that blend online resources, face to face workshops and flexible and engaging performance support. We focus on building capability of core collaborative problem solving and decision making skills as they are happening in the business.

These skills have their foundations in key 21st century skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and cooperation. The result is better quality, well thought through plans, that are aligned across the relevant functions. They are high value skills that enable organisational agility. We call this skilful collaboration.

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